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Filmmaker Eva Contis, a daughter of the Silent Generation and a first-generation American, undertakes an emotional journey to reconstruct her family history. Her goal is to comprehend how inherited trauma has impacted her well-being since childhood, manifesting in issues such as learning disabilities, emotional struggles, and both mental and physical health challenges.

The Subject:

Intergenerational trauma can stem from biology, learned behaviors and even the collective experiences of a group. Some research suggests that trauma can affect a person’s DNA and potentially influence the health of future generations far removed from the traumatic event.

The Solution:

We don't have to live with the pain of trauma. Research indicates that assessment and awareness of trans-generational stories facilitates resilience. Further, we possess an innate ability to heal. What we once thought was impossible - to grow new neuro-pathways, even grow new neurons as an adult, and change the way we think, and thus feel, is groundbreaking territory that we plan to explore. 

Get Involved:

We strive to creaet an impactful documentary, and we need your help to bring it to life. Your donation, no matter how small, can make a big difference.Your contribution will go towards:


•Conducting in-depth research and interviews

•Capturing high-quality footage and cinematography

•Securing licenses for archival materials and music

•Editing and post-production to ensure a compelling narrative

•Distribution and marketing to reach a wide audience

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