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I love collaborating with a cinematographer. On "The Stand" I worked with the talented Valentina Caniglia, AIC IMAGO.  See what American Cinematographer had to say about our work.

Click the link to read an excerpt.

Or download the entire article.


Robert J. Wright reviews "The Stand" .

Take a listen.


Women and Hollywood caught wind of our Seed and Spark campaign for "Breasts", helping us spread the word and exceed our goal.  In the end we raised over $22,000!


My editing experience piqued the interest of New Orleans casting director, Ryan Glorioso.  Here I talk about working with actors as both an editor and a director.

Click the link to hear me on Talking Like Normal People:


Curvy Revolution writes about "Breasts" and examines the importance of understanding the struggles of working mothers.

Click the link to read more.


The Ladies Who had me on to talk about "Breasts"


NOLA FilmCast had me on to talk about "Breasts"


Nick Savides was kind enough to join me on set and film some behind the scenes.  I'm elusive as a unicorn here, but my first AD Bilal Jaber talks about what the film "The Stand" means to him.

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